Four Households

With an 83-resident capacity

Dr. Samer Al-Hashmi, M.D.

Dr. Al-Hashmi is the Medical Director of Pioneer Manor, and he makes visits to the residents on a scheduled and as-needed basis.

Chapel with Weekly Services

Fourteen local and county chaplains and ministers alternate services every Sunday. The chapel is open all day throughout the week for private reflection and prayer.

Coffee Bar

The relaxed atmosphere of our coffee bar lends itself to conversation and interaction.

Hair Salon

Full-service salon provides cuts, colors and curls on Friday mornings when stylists are in the facility. Each resident can request that his or her licensed hairdresser come to the facility to provide salon services.

Storm Shelter

Easily accessible, reinforced shelter in a main hallway area.

Private Rooms/ Private Baths

Each room is designed for one resident, with the exception of the couples room. Each room has a private bath and shower.

Couples Rooms

Five rooms are designated for couples.

Homestyle Kitchen/Dining Rooms

“Homemakers” provide varied meal choices in every household with homemakers cooking from scratch in a homestyle kitchen. Every meal is served at the resident’s desired time.

Scheduled Activities

A wide variety of activities take place within the Manor, including Bingo, dominoes, cards, ice cream socials, sing-alongs and band practice.

Individualized Daily Schedules

Every resident chooses what time to start and end their day, the times they would like to eat their meals, and receive any necessary services. Except for scheduled medication administration and other treatments, their desired schedule is always how the schedule is set.

Physical Therapy

With a doctor’s order, physical therapy is provided to strengthen and rehabilitate our residents. Our modern therapy gym houses new equipment for therapy and recreation.

Fitness Equipment

The exercise machines are available in the physical therapy gym. The equipment is accessible during the gym’s hours.

Outdoor Courtyards

There is an enclosed outdoor courtyard adjacent to each household. Beautiful stones grace create the floor and enhance the beauty, and there is a fountain in the center of every courtyard.

Private Activity Room

For family/personal gatherings. Parties, showers and other social events can easily be scheduled and held in the large and comfortable activity room.


Every resident who owns a pet is encouraged to bring it along with them when they move in, and new pets are encouraged as well.

Post Office

Each resident has a private mailbox, located near the front entrance. Mail goes out daily Monday-Friday, and is delivered at approximately 11:00 a.m.

Visiting Activities

Visiting Activities include musical groups, dancing and bands. Children’s groups provide frequent programs.

Storage Space & Private Room Storage:

There are several rooms designated for storage in addition to the private storage space in each room.

Whirlpool Bath

A relaxing, soothing whirlpool bathtub is available for the residents who prefer it. Nursing assistance is available for those who wish to use the whirlpool.