The feeling of home should never be left behind. At Pioneer Manor, this sense of comfort is an integral part of everything we do, and is built into each household from the foundation up. Our 83-resident capacity home is divided into four households, each one having a home-like atmosphere with every comfort of home available.

Pioneer Manor is innovative in care, service and design. Every aspect of care is centered around the needs of our residents. Each resident’s schedule is set according to their wishes, and their care is given according to their needs and wants. All staff members are dedicated to allowing each resident to function in their own personal style and manner, on their own time—just as they did in their own home.

Our “Main Street” model features a central hallway just inside the front door. The services provided to the residents that are housed along Main Street include:
• Post office
• Beauty Salon
• Coffee Shop
• Chapel
• Gym with fitness equipment

There are four households, each one consisting of 28 individual rooms, with 5 couples rooms throughout the building. Home-cooked meals are served in a home-style kitchen and dining room.

The interior of Pioneer Manor is decorated in a modern, comfortable and home-like style. The residents were actively engaged in choosing the colors and décor when it was under construction.

The innovative approach of resident-centered care is an idea whose time has come, but relatively few homes are based on this approach—there are only several other homes similar to ours in the entire state. It is truly innovative in that there is no strict schedule for meals, bathing, sleeping or other personal activities. The design, structure and flow of the building serve to meet the needs and desires of the residents, with every staff member committed to the highest standards of care.

For a tour of Pioneer Manor or an admission inquiry, please contact us at 620-544-2023.